CNVTA 's Terms and Conditions are simple:

1) Anyone who register for any of the courses offered by CNVTA accepts to receive two Newsletters,  "CyberNow" and 'The Notarial'.

2) By registering in any of the online courses offered by CNVTA, a student account will be instantly created on the portal/website where the online courses take place at.

3) CNVTA does not record nor keep any payment information. When payments are submitted, the payment transaction is taken care of by the billing software selected by the customer at the time of the purchase.  

4) By taking any of the CNVTA online courses does not guarantee job placement anywhere on Cyberspace or the world. 

5) Professional students who register for any of the CNVTA online courses do so willingly. 

6) There are no refunds on any payment transaction. 

7) Professional students who register and complete the CNVTA General Certification online course are  eligible to apply for the CNVTA annual membership. 

8) CNVTA is not liable for any event that may impact professional students while taking online courses.