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RON Certification course designed to enhance  Remote Online Notarization Knowledge and professional standards in the notary service/business. Commissioned Notaries from any State in the United States of America may take this certification course. 

Topics covered:

<> RON general concepts <> Brief History of RON in USA <> Preparing for a RON session <> Preparing Yourself <> RON Environment <> Equipment used during RON <> Technical Language <> Smart Phones <> Cyber Awareness <> Customer Service Techniques <> Common Requests per Industry <> Organizational Tools <> RON Platforms and Opportunities <> Encrypted Seal <> Marketing Strategies .


2 hours of APPROVED Montana's RON Essential education & official Montana RON Exam. It is a focused and practical course you will enjoy.

It includes the downloadable CNVTA Practical Montana's RON Guide 

Topics covered:

<> Brief History of Montana RON <> Remote Notarization vs RON.
<> Montana RON Law.<> Journal Requirements.<> Digital Notarial Stamp and Signature compliance.<> Notary Bond.<> Overview of hardware, software, and platforms.<> Approved methods of Identification.
<> Customer Service for RON notaries. <> Basic RON vocabulary.