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Cyber1 Insurance has teamed up with  professionals who provide superior underwriting services on behalf of top carriers backed by 20 years of expertise and optimized to respond to evolving challenges in a dynamic marketplace.


IT Forensic Costs: The costs to determine what information may have been breached or accessed improperly.

Notification Costs: The costs to notify individuals, businesses, regulators and to run a call center related to the notification.

Credit Protection Costs: These are the costs to provide credit monitoring services to the affected parties. 

Crisis Management Costs: This covers media liability costs, including the cost to hire a public relations firm.

Crime and Social Engineering: This coverage applies when a stolen username and password is used to direct funds out of your account; also referred to as involuntary parting of funds coverage.

Cyber Extortion: deals with coverage available that includes ransom payments during extortion.

Cyber Business Interruption: Coverage is available for companies that rely heavily on the internet or their network for their revenue. This may also include dependent business interruption.

Digital Asset Damage: covers the cost to rebuild website, intranet, network, electronically-held data.